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 Half Term Mini Medics Course For Primary School Children Feb 2020

What an absolutely amazing Mini Medics half term. The children experienced fun-filled mornings in Sandridge and Barnet learning vital First Aid skills.  All Mini Medics received:

  • A fully illustrated 32-page ‘First Aid and Defibrillation for Children’ book;

  • Mini Medic certificate of attendance; 

  • A unique syringe pen;

  • A 4-page worksheet.

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The children wrote

I really liked using the AED;

I really enjoyed using the defibrillator and learning how to do CPR;

Mini Medics is amazing;

I had so much fun;

The whole course was great.

The Parents Feedback 

Thank you for having T and H on Wednesday. They both enjoyed the course very much and have definitely learned lots. They happened to accompany my husband to a Doctor’s appointment the next day, and the GP was impressed at some of the detail they knew when they told her about the course; 
I will definitely recommend to others; 

D and S had a great time on Wednesday. They told us all about it and the books were really helpful and are going in for show and tell at school;

Just to let you know that C really enjoyed the course today and was very keen to share his knowledge and show us what he had learned. We would love our younger one to do the class in the future and also to promote it to their friends so please keep us posted;

Great. Looking forward to more courses.

Thank you so much for organising the Mini Medics course. Being a health professional myself I complete training in CPR and use of an AED annually. The evening after the course I was really impressed to hear my children describe what to do if someone is choking or collapses. My son also put me in the recovery position talking me through what he was doing. They both came away with some very useful skills and seemed to have spent an enjoyable morning with you. I’d highly recommend your course to other parents.

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