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Delighted to announce we are now again running Public First Aid Courses

One Day Emergency First Aid at Work Course 23rd June 2022

Fleetville Community Centre.

Royal Rd, St Albans AL1 4LQ



West Herts Golf Club

Training at the amazing West Herts Golf Club for two one-day Emergency First Aid at Work courses.All practical sessions were related to potential accidents that could occur on the Golf Course or in the Club House

March 2022

Well Pet Vet.jpg
WGC March 2022.jpg

Woburn  Golf  Club

We were once again back with the fantastic team at the stunning Woburn

Golf Club. 

All the team passed the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work Course with flying colours. Well Done.

March 2022


Wellpet Veterinary Practice

Emergency First Aid training with the friendly team of  professionals in Edgware. So engaging and keen to learn new vital First Aid  skills.    March 2022   


Essendon Golf and Country Club

Another great one day Emergency First Aid at Work Course with the engaging team of Greenkeepers and Marshals.

The Director Of Courses at Essendon Country Club wrote 
"All of us really enjoyed yesterday. You both do a great job." 👍🏼

February 2022


Collins Construction, Chancery Lane, London

So thrilled to provide more First Aid Training for Collins Construction Ltd
The team at Chancery Lane were all so engaging and keen to learn First Aid management in the work place. Feedback was amazing,

February 2022



Tewin Bury Farm Hotel   


We were back with the great team at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel.   February 2022






Simon Balle School

"Julie and Theresa were so knowledgeable and shared their experiences and stories with compassion and humour".    February 2022



Woburn Safari Park

.Last week we were back with the fantastic team at Woburn Golf Club for more First Aid at work training.


February 2022


Simon Balle School

More training at Simon Balle School in Hertford this week learning practical skills for First Aiders. The teachers and staff were so engaging. Wonderful feedback including 

"If you ever need any first aid training we would highly recommend these ladies".

January 2022

Wilderhood 2.jpg

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Two wonderful days of training the great volunteers at the Wildlife Trust. An amazing conservation charity working to protect wildlife and help people connect with nature.

January 2022


Woburn Golf Club

Wonderful post from the team at Woburn Golf Club  after we delivered Accredited Emergency First Aid Training to the staff.
They posted on their social media ....
Thank you to Barnet and Herts First Aid Training who have recently run basic first aid at work courses for our staff including how to perform CPR and how to use a defibrillator.

January 2022

Understanding Basic First Aid can save lives.

Another great Accredited 4 hour Basic First Aid Course on Saturday attended by parents and coaches at Sandridge Football Club.


January 2022

Sandridge Jan 2022.jpg

Simon Balle School 

Staff at Simon Balle School were keen to learn vital First Aid skills preparing them for emergency situations in the school environment.They attended the one day Emergency First Aid at Work Course and once again course feedback was100% positive.

January 2022


Woburn Golf Club

We travelled to Woburn Golf Club for the one day Emergency First Aid Course. The engaging team learnt vital First Aid skills to preserve a casualties life, prevent a conditions from worsening and promote recovery. More training booked next week.


January 2022

Sandridge Football Club


Wonderful positive feedback from the team at Woburn Golf Club. The one day Emergency First Aid Course was attended by hospitality staff and coaching staff with content relevant to their industry. More training booked at the club this week and next week.


January 2022

Woburn Golf Club

Sandridge Football Club

Thrilled to be providing a package of First Aid training to the staff and parents at Sandridge Football Club. They completed the 4-hour regulated course on Basic Life Support and Safe use of an AED [Defib Machine] We also discussed management of Anaphylaxis and Concussion. Looking forward to more training next week.


November 2021



Wonderful on site 3-day First Aid at Work Course with the amazing team at Collins Construction.

The in-house training was customised focusing on potential areas of risk on the Construction Site. We were able to schedule training around the needs of the work place in a familiar setting to all. Course feedback was so positive.

November 2021

Collins Construction, Chancery Lane, London



We were back at Woburn Safari Park training the Events staff, Gardeners and Zoo keepers on Emergency First Aid at Work. We added extra training on Anaphylaxis, Heart Attacks and Strokes. Looking forward to more First Aid Training in January 2022.

November 2021

Essendon First Aid.jpg


A huge thank you to the team at Essendon Country Club. You were all so engaging learning vital Emergency First Aid at Work skills and your course feedback was amazing.


We are so pleased you enjoyed the work- based scenarios that made your learning more work relatable, fun and interactive.


Looking forward to more training at Essendon in 2022


October 2021    

 Woburn Safari Park

Our Unique Fresher's Health and First Aid Workshop at St Albans School Hertfordshire.

Moving away to University or College for the first time can be challenging, but being well prepared and informed can increase levels of achievement, performance and improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

Subjects included practical interactive sessions on

  • Keeping safe and well at Uni;

  • Contraception and Sexual Health;

  • Minor illnesses;

  • Minor Injuries;

  • Alcohol Awareness;

  • Drug Awareness;

  • CPR, AED and Choking.

 October 2021 

Fresher’s Health and First Aid Workshop PP.pptx.png

 Freshers Health and First Aid Workshop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Heart of London Business Alliance

PHOTO-2021-10-11-09-10-51 (002).jpg

Amazing one day Emergency First Aid at Work Training day at the stunning Safari Lodge, Woburn Safari Park. Wonderful venue, surrounded by wildlife and other fabulous attractions.

Staff were so engaging, enjoying the practical scenarios which were all tailored to the employees' individual role within the Bedford Estates.


July 2021


Safari Lodge,Woburn Safari Park 

Three great First Aid at Work Courses with the fantastic team at Heart of London Business Alliance learning essential First Aid skills. Feedback from all the groups was amazing. Looking forward to more First Aid training booked for 2022.

 July, September, October  2021




Essendon Country Club - First Aid at Work Course 

Wonderful interactive three day First Aid at Work Course with the fantastic team at Essendon Country Club

Delegates enjoyed the added content specific and relevant to the golfing industry.

May 2021


Tewin Bury Farm Hotel 1 Day Emergency First Aid At Work Course.  

Hot sunny day, but the staff were all so engaging despite the heat !!!!  The team asked lots of relevant questions and really enjoyed the course. We even managed a quiz at the end of the day. The prize being a First Aid Kit of course!! Well done team Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, see you all soon. 

June 2021


 My Local Bobby - Regulated  Basic First Aid Course  and Safe Use of an AED.  


Great training venue in Hadley Wood with the team from My Local Bobby.


June 2021


Collins Construction - First Aid at Work Course 

Despite  COVID 19 we are pleased to still be delivering Regulated First Aid Training in a safe and COVID 19 compliant manner. Last week we successfully provided a 3 day First Aid at Work Course for Collins Construction. Delegates feedback described the course as outstanding. 

January 2021


Simon Balle School

Two days of training with the great team at Simon Balle School

Practical scenarios were based on potential school  related injuries and illness which made the course more relatable.

July 2021



Student First Aid at St Albans School 

‘Barnet and Herts First Aid Training provided Sixth Formers at St Albans School the opportunity to learn essential life skills and obtain the Ofqual regulated Level 2 Student First Aid qualification. The sessions were well-organised and we were particularly impressed with the care taken to ensure everyone could follow COVID regulations and guidelines. Julie and Theresa are excellent teachers and the students enjoyed the sessions.’


Jane Roberts

Head of Partnership and Community Link

St Albans School


Student First Aid at St Albans School 

We have spent several months teaching the Lower Sixth at St Albans School our Regulated Student First Aid Course. Great qualification to add to CV's and Personal Statements. Today we taught CPR, use of a Defib and management of choking.

Having fun safely training the lower sixth students at St Albans School on our level 2 Student First Aid course. They’re doing an amazing job learning essential life skills whilst getting a recognised qualification. Well done!


Emergency First Aid at Work Course in St Albans.

A fun, interactive course learning vital life saving skills. Thank you to all who attended.

Feedback from attendees;


"Thank you so much, we loved the course"

"Such a fun and interactive course, I learned so much"

"Such a thorough course, taught in a  memorable way."